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ON socıal medıa

Now is my time to shine. Many dogs will find themselves between my teeth.


Token Symbol: ANA
Contract Address: CLiRZB994SCA6vT4BubQqXRJ7MQH1c6vynQzVVXyDTr4
Total Supply:
Decimal: 8
Chain: SOL


You’ve never seen an anaconda this determined before. Ready to do anything for a meal, it’s now feeding time.


I’am offering you a unique wallet to leverage my strengths. Now, Web3 is just a whisper away for you.


For my digital collection, there will only be images of my friends and me. But you will also see the different facets of my personality.


There are amazing things on the horizon. First, taste the flavors I’ve presented to you.

What Is Anaconda Token?

Anaconda is a brand-new meme-gaming token that will encircle its community in its wake. The Anaconda, the rightful ruler of all snakes, will ascend to the throne by devouring the other meme tokens one by one.

? st Quarter

Getting listed on DEX and CEX
Establishing Anaconda ecosystem
Launching Anaconda Swap

? nd Quarter

Getting listed on Tıer 1 Crypto Exchange
Launching NFT Project for Anaconda P2E
Starting R&D for the game

? rd Quarter

Launching Anaconda Game
Get Ready for Multi-chain
R&D for the mainnet

? th Quarter

Launching Mainnet
Developing the Anaconda Game
Pre-Sale of Node Licenses
Completing the Sale of Node Licenses
Start of Anaconda’s own Nodes

Every snake works for us. – Anaconda